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The German/cuban Rey Rodriguez has been fond of music since his childhood: At the age of ten he went to a primary school of music where he studied percussion and choral conducting. In 1986 he went to the Nation school of Arts in the cuban capital and continued his studies 1990 at the University of Arts Havanna. When he came to Germany, he completed his education in a Musical education at the Music school in Berlin, Neukölln and started his extraordinary career.

His first works were as a musical director , arranger, second voice and founder of the band that accompanied the legendary Cuban singer “Liuba Maria Hevia”. At that time he appeared in Havana’s most important theatres and on TV. He received his first award for best musical direction at the international music fair “Cubadisco” in 1999, with the album Coloreando la Esperanza and Del Verso a la  mar.

Being in Germany, he started out as a musical performer and played many roles throughout such as Disney’s The Lion King, Wicked, Elton John’s AIDA, West Side Story, Fame, Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma, Astor Piazzolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires and many more. However, he was not only on stage, but also worked backstage in the artistic direction as dance captain or also as a conductor. But even that wasn’t enough for him. He founded his own production company “Rey Rodriguez Productions” in 2008 and since then worked as a producer, consultant and manager of many talented international artist from the Musical and music sector. For example, he produced the CD and DVD “Adios a Cuba” , in which he gives the Cuban/ American Pianist Adonis Gonzalez a stage for his music. He also composed and produced the single Una Canción for the theatre movie Bodylanguage, sung by Musical Star Gino Emnes.

In 2011 Rey Rodriguez was even nominated for the Latin Grammy’s in the category “Best Classical Album”  for the CD Adios a Cuba. He was also awarded in the category “Best Concert Audiovisual” for the DVD of the same production at the international fair “Cubadisco 2012”. In the same year he produced the album “ISLA” with the composer AIlem Carvajal and was awarded at the “Cubadisco 2013” in the category “Best Concert Album”.

Rey Rodriguez also produced the soundtrack for the documentary “Behind the Wall”. The Film premiered in November 2012 in New York and Boston and at the International Film Festival in Montreal. He directed the great show “Carribean Cocktail”, which went on tour in Europe 2013 and was produced by Stichtig Carribean & Latin Jam. Two years later he produced another soundtrack for the documentary movie “Limbo” by Lester Hamlet. In 2015 he conducted a workshop as director and producer for his new show for Rey Rodriguez Productions Ltd.  in Tenerife.


The projects Rey Rodriguez has produced are as versatile as the artists he works with. He produced the debut album of the world famous opera singer Eglise Gutiérrez in New York. (Still in postproduction) and the album “Let it Run” (Dejála correr) by Ludmila Mecerón in Barcelona in 2014. Rey Rodriguez last worked on the production of the album “Ich sing mein Lied” ( I sing my song) and directed the video clips “Frag nicht warum” and “Ik hou van jou” by the artist and Musical Star Gino Emnes, which came out in December 2017 and was praised by the trade press. Rodriguez is currently directing the video clip for the single “Possibly” by actress and Musical actress Annic Barbara Fenske.

Artists under contract to Rey Rodriguez Productions (Management and/ or agency):

● Gino Emnes

● Sebastian de Domenico

● Aisata Blackman

● Alex Snova

● Adonis Gonzalez

● Nyassa Alberta

● Terry Alfaro

● Karim Ben Mansur

● Oliver Aagaard Williams

● Mandela Wee Wee

● Jessica Mears

● Zah Zha Queen

● Yamilé Tamayo Martinez

● Yanneris Sewer

● Enny de Alba